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Simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, liaison interpreting, escort interpreting, assembling teams of interpreters and organising all questions relating to conference technology.

Portuguese, German, English


Translation of all conference documents, programs, presentations, contracts, press announcements, media translations and certified translations.

Portuguese, German, English and Spanish

(Cooperation Daniel De Simone)

Extended Language Services

Extended language services: linguistic consulting, training, standards, software localization, terminology work, stylistic revision.

Portuguese, German, English and Spanish

(Cooperation Daniel De Simone)


Translations of websites (HTML), company software portals, subtitling (SRT), music adaptations, video and audio recordings.

(Cooperation Daniel De Simone)

Please contact me for a free and non-binding consultation or an offer.
Discretion and trustful treatment of your documents is a self-evident obligation

About me


Annette Ramershoven

Born in Cologne, Germany, German mother tongue, German nationality, 20 years in Brazil.

1984 – 1987
Studies at the Free University of Berlin, German and Latin American Studies.

Since 1992
Interpreting and language services in the cultural and event sector between Germany and Brazil as
part of my work as cultural manager, event moderator and director.

Postgraduate studies in interpreting at the Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC), Brazil, work
as a conference interpreter.

Since 2012
Resident in Berlin and freelance conference interpreter and translator for Portuguese, German
and English.

Since 2016

Trainer for Community Interpreting as part of the Germany-wide SPRINT certificate (language and integration mediator), using the enactment-centred method (Dr. Sebnem Bahadir University Mainz-Germersheim), for numerous interpreter pools and educational institutions in Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia.


State-certified translator for Portuguese

Sworn interpreter and authorised translator for the courts of Lower Saxony for English and Portuguese.

Authorized translator for the Portuguese language for the Berlin courts and notaries

Membership in BDÜ (the professional association of interpreters and translators in Germany

My voice

My voice

My voice

Click on the play button to hear the samples, or download it to your device.

With my experience as a director and moderator in theatre and film as a background, I have profound competences myself regarding the voice creation or the natural way of speaking for each specific text.





For over 15 years I have been providing services on behalf of German and Brazilian ministries, embassies/consulates,
foundations, educational and cultural institutes in the context of events, conferences and accompanying delegations.

I have been working for the courts and authorities of Berlin and Lower Saxony since I was sworn in/authorized.
Certified translations with the corresponding specific international requirements are my specialty.

   I am also familiar with translations in the areas below  (and others) as part of my customer service.

In order to maintain discretion, I can send you references by name upon request and after consultation with my customers.

Politics, International Organizations

Study visits by politicians, panel events on international and German elections, urban development: delegation and international conference HABITAT, politics & football, European Youth Congress, Antiziganism Conference, International Trade Union Congress, scientific delegation visit about biochemistry.

Technology & Construction

Production: cars, motorcycles, high-speed trains, tanks, training courses for gas engines, mechanics and electrics operator training, technical project management training, plant tours, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, hydroelectric power stations.

Courts, Authorities, Police

Criminal and civil proceedings, interrogations, hearings, notary interpreting.


Book Fair in Frankfurt and São Paulo, Joseph Beuys retrospective, theatre: press conferences and rehearsals for numerous plays by important German directors in São Paulo, TV programme for theatre festival, lectures by international guests.


Incontinence, high blood pressure, diabetes, orthopaedics, breast cancer, hearing aids, medical product presentations, patient information talks, surgical preparations.


Berlin Structure Conference, Cultural Projects, Responsibility in Professional Sports, Seminar: Mediation, Conference on Starting Work & Job Market.

Economy & Marketing

Port logistics, jewellery, company ceremonies.


Psychiatric reports, organizational constellations, Psychology Congress.

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