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Interpreting Techniques

Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreter sits in a soundproofed interpreting booth and listens to the speaker through headphones. This interpretation, which takes place almost at the same time (ie simultaneously), is transmitted via microphone and can in turn be heard by the conference participants via headphones.

Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreting takes place with a time delay (consecutive): The interpreter makes notes during the lecture with the help of his notes technique and then produces the target-language text.

Whispered Interpreting

The whispering interpreting (also Chuchotage, by French chuchoter for “whisper”) is a form of simultaneous interpretation, but does not require any technical aids. Interpreting is for a maximum of two people. The interpreter sits between or behind his listeners and speaks the interpreting very quietly. Whispering interpreting can also take place through the use of a wireless microphone and radio receivers for a group.

Liason Interpreting

Recommended for negotiations between two or several speakers.

This type of interpreting is mostly used for business negotiations, meetings held on a small scale, at local authority offices and for court hearings. The interpreter interprets short passages both ways (for instance, questions and answers) with neither an interpreting booth nor portable interpreting equipment being used. If longer sentences or paragraphs need to be translated, see consecutive interpreting.

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